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During her middle school years at Ranson Middle School, she became involved in many clubs and sports; her favorite sport was soccer. The first time Seria made the soccer team, she called her mom and said “mom, I made the soccer team, I don’t know how but, I made it!”  Seria, Keara and her mom and dad were so excited!  In addition to all the excitement, the family welcomed a new edition, a baby girl named Kasey.  Everyone was very happy, especially Seria because she always wanted a little sister.  Furthermore, from everything that happened during Seria’s middle school years; with her sister Keara being diagnosed with a medical condition called Anomalous Left Coronary Artery, concluding in a heart transplant, she was still able to maintain good grades and found a way to have joy and happiness.


Seria attended Rocky River High school, where she continued to play soccer, ran track and was a part of many different clubs and organizations. While at RRHS she touched the hearts of not only her fellow students but, her teachers as well. She volunteered at Camp Luck (Lucky Unlimited Cardiac Kids), held in Blacksburg, SC.  There, she assisted as leader in training to help serve as a counselor for kids that attended the camp. Camp Luck is a camp for kids that have or had a heart condition. Moreover, Seria was accepted into a mentorship medical program at CMC Main in Charlotte, NC. There she would have observed doctors and learned  more about the medical world.


During the beginning of Seria’s high school years, she was diagnosed with the same condition as her sister. Therefore, after many medical test and evaluations, it was determined that she would need cardiac surgery to correct the issue. On September 3rd, 2014 she had the surgery, which was the day our lives changed forever. God called his Angel home at the age of fifteen. Our lives have never been the same.


Seria was a beautiful young lady who had a lot of goals and ambitions. She intended to graduate high school, go off to college and attend medical school to be a pediatric cardiac surgeon. This little diva was truly a family person, a loving and devoted sister and most of all, a special friend to all. She loved everyone she came in contact with and was a joy to be around, with such a beautiful smile and voice. She dedicated her life to helping and sharing with others and was very devoted to serving God. She will always be missed but never forgotten.


By:  Brenda Wade, Loving mother

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Biography of Seria Denise Richardson
(February 19, 1999-September 3, 2014)


Seria Denise Richardson was born on February 19, 1999 in Rockingham, North Carolina. Seria was ready to take over the world, with her twin sister Keara Shunice Richardson. For several years, the girls attended elementary school in Lilesville, NC while living with their grandmother Linda, until they moved to Charlotte, NC.  Throughout her elementary years Seria was very involved in girl scouts and volunteered her time, at such an early age, at church.


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